Qualified Upright Piano Removals & Transport

Qualified Upright Piano Removals & Transport in London

The piano is a staple piece of furniture for any home. Whether you play it or not, it always adds a touch of class and intrigue to any room. Modern Movers are qualified piano movers that can help transport your prized musical instrument across London and beyond.

Its no secret that pianos are heavy and require specialist lifting: at least two qualified movers are required to transport the piano from A to B. Not only this but pianos have a habit of going out of tune very quickly when moved, and a lack of respect for this instrument could cause irreparable damage. They can be worth a fortune, so its always best to be careful.

Its therefore important that pianos are transported by trained experts. Whereas you could get away lifting a fridge by yourselves, its not quite the same with such a sensitive and ornate object as an upright piano.

That’s why we offer upright Piano removals in London as a single service, allowing you to have your piano transported by specially skilled removal men.

New & Old Pianos Transport

Whether you’ve recently bought a new piano and need it picking up or you’re moving house and the piano is surplus to your stock, we can help.

If you’ve just bought an instrument from a music shop, we will pick it up, strap it in and move it to your new home. That means zero effort from you: just give us the shop address, wait a while, then get playing!

Similarly, we transport upright pianos as part of our house removal service, or as a one-off. If yours needs moving between houses we’ll give it just the same care and attention as we would our own.

With little notice and for a low free, Modern Movers team will arrive and transport your piano safely and carefully.

Our Upright Piano Removal Prices

We offer piano removals as we’re adept in this area. We’re strong, we’ve moved a lot of pianos and we knot the local thoroughfares very well.

By contrast, auction houses and stores will charge a lot more for piano removals in London as they need to make it worth their while, especially if they’re out of town. It can be both expensive and inefficient to have somebody go on a wild goose chase when you can just call your local moving firm down the road.

You’ll find that our prices are often a lot cheaper than any other piano removal solution you find. Besides, our “safety first” philosophy is a priceless addition to your peace of mind.

Reviews from our customers

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 by Carley B.

Movers were flexible, efficient, respectful and reasonably priced. They rescued my baby grand piano from a renovation site gone wrong, expertly navigating through the disarray without complaint or delay. Drop-off went smoothly. Highly recommended.