Storage Facilities

Storage Facility Services

At Modern Movers, we offer secure storage services in fully enclosed modern buildings and storage containers. Our buildings are protected by a 24 hour security system and video surveillance system. A high security key is used for the access door, to ensure it cannot be copied without authorization. Our containers are locked with heavy duty master locks. To ensure complete safety and security when it comes to our customers’ possessions, we do not allow in and out privileges for our customers in the storage facility. Only authorized personnel are allowed into our facility, so you can rest assured knowing that your items are kept safe, no matter how long they are stored.

Domestic Storage

When you choose Modern Movers for your household furniture storage needs, your items are carefully inventoried and wrapped in furniture pads for protection. These pads will then remain on your furniture until time of re-delivery so that your items remain in the condition you left them.

Business Storage

Some businesses run on a biannual or seasonal basis, often requiring large machinery or equipment to be stored safely in the fallow years. Festival stalls or craft traders – with all their stages, cooking and exhibition equipment – prefer to keep the goods tidied away in the winter months while they plan for the following summer.

Alternatively, business owners may need additional space to bolster a tiny office. They find that certain documents, office furniture and computer equipment are best stored offsite until the company grows. Company archives do not need to clutter up a tiny office, if a storage facility is just down the road. The same goes for those dozens of chairs and tables that are only used at the annual AGM.

Storage For Buying/ Selling Items

Online trading is not limited to small packages and eBay delivery. Some people sell cars, motorbikes, sheds, summer houses and heavy garden architecture. These transactions do not take place immediately, and there can be long crossover periods while buyer and seller prepare the relevant arrangements.

In these cases, people use storage companies to temporarily house large items and declutter the home. Sellers can often be seen at their storage facilities, tinkering away at cars and giving them a last polish before handing over the keys.

Reviews from our customers

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 3 reviews
 by Chelsea P.

Great customer service and supremely simple concept. I had to store my stuff for a little over a month and this was a perfect option. They had movers that I used, so the whole process was seamless.

 by Adam F.

The folks at Modern Movers are fantastic! They were always willing to accommodate our needs and were a lifesaver in our latest move to a new apartment. The price was fair, the people were great, and the service was ultra-convenient. We would use them again in a heartbeat!

 by Hayley H.

These guys were amazing! They showed up just a little early, which was great. They were efficient and helped me wrap up some of the larger piece items I had. Customer service was also friendly, and seamless. I would definitely recommend them!